How to enable Rich Text in Dynamics CRM using CKEditor

(note:  this was reposted to fix issues in the code from here: , so all the comments related to this post are located at the URL above). I recently found myself in the position where we needed to submit notes from customer conversations into Dynamics CRM.  I’m a fan of ‘fancy’ text (headings, bullet…


Visual Studio 2015 install failures (Android SDK Setup) behind a Proxy

I was recently working with a customer trying to install Visual Studio 2015 in their corporate network which happened to be behind a firewall.  Access to the internet was restricted and provided with a proxy server that would allow some requests through the firewall.  When they tried to install Visual Studio 2015 on a developer…


How to Create a Monster Build Agent in Azure for Cheap!

I recently created a VSTS Build and Release steps for my project but ran into an issue using the Hosted Build Agents…  During Release I was doing several Azure operations in a powershell script but unfortunately I was overflowing the 30 minute limit per task for Hosted Build and Release was failing most of the…


How to Check Database Integrity with App Insights on ASP.Net Website

In this year’s //oneweek Hackathon at Microsoft, I built a quick ASP.Net front end for our project.  During the hackathon we need to be innovative AND fast!  In our case we had several web jobs (background tasks) for grooming information and inserting new data in the database.  We needed a FAST way to get alerts…


Figure out the Parameters! Calling Azure REST APIs via Powershell Commandlets

In this post we’ll walk through the process on determining the needed parameters for the Azure Powershell Commandlet wrappers for the Azure REST APIs.  It’s sometimes tricky!  This is especially helpful if you can’t call the Rest API directly – when we’re running an Azure Powershell script in VSTS Build & Release tasks for example. …


Calling Azure Rest APIs from VSTS Build/Release Tasks

I recently learned that VSTS Build & Release tasks have a built-in way to leverage Azure Powershell – cool!  I needed to automate a bunch of steps in Azure and already have a VSTS pipeline so it was easy to add in a few additional Powershell scripts and off I go!  There’s already documentation to…


FileNotFoundException (msshrtmi) starting debugging in Visual Studio LightSwitch

I dabble in a variety of technologies and have found several great uses for Visual Studio LightSwitch.  Recently I was building a quick website site (HTMLClient) for admins to maintain some data in a database but had a ton of trouble because I wasn’t able to start debugging.  When I clicked “Start Debugging” in Visual…


Using Fiddler to Simulate Whitelisting URLs through a Proxy

There’s a customer I was working with who had a restricted network and was trying to determine exactly why a piece of software was failing.  In their environment, they had a proxy server setup that would let them ‘poke holes’ in the firewall to let specific URLs through to the machine.  Their challenge was figuring…


Nifty and FAST ‘Tags’ in the browser using JQuery, HTML, CSS, and JS

On one of my recent ASP.Net projects, I needed to enable a user to pick an arbitrary set of things from a long list and wanted to do this WITHOUT any round trips to the server.  Since it worked well I’d share it out!  Here’s what the simplified ‘Tags’ looks like: In my project I…


How to enable Rich Text in Dynamics CRM using CKEditor

This post unfortunately needed to be re-posted here to resolve issues with the code.  Sorry for any confusion! How to enable Rich Text in Dynamics CRM using CKEditor