Code Review: Double Checked Locking Code

A friend of mine recently sent me some code to review:   Hi Peter, Do you have any suggestions on how to clean up this code? In particular the creation of a particular singleton type doesn’t look very pretty in this model:   private DoubleCheckedLock<SingletonClass> myInstance = new DoubleCheckedLock<SingletonClass>(); public SingletonClass Current {     get…


New F# Release.

Don Syme and the F# team have just released a new version of F#. Check it out here:   Peter


What Do Programmers Really Do Anyway? The data is in!

The smart folks over in the MSR-Human Interactions in Programming team have done some interesting research into the question of “What Do Programmers Really Do Anyway?”. I’m more than a little pleased to see that the data is consistent with the assertions I made in my previous blog posts. Some of their results are here:…


C# Automatically Implemented Properties – My Video Debut

Hey Folks, Charlie Calvert video taped our discussion on some of the new C# 3.0 features. Find it here: Cheers, Peter


What Do Programmers Really Do Anyway? (aka Part 2 of the Yardstick saga)

Way back in 2002 when we started working on Whidbey, I captured my thoughts on the direction we should take for C# and Visual Studio in two large emails. In the first email The Yardstick I spent a lot of time saying that you must evaluate features against the amount of time they save versus the…