Now that Beta 1 of C# 2005 has shipped, I've started to talk to folks about all the cool new stuff we are doing. I gave a talk at the Redmond .NET developer's association, and another talk at the Meltdown event in Seattle this week. I've had a number of requests for the source code for my demo app, so without further ado you can find it here on my samples page on gotdotnet: http://www.gotdotnet.com/Community/UserSamples/Details.aspx?SampleGuid=9f531160-548e-46f4-8b21-ceaca4216a5a.

The application plays minesweeper (yes the hideously addictive little game that has been shipping with Windows since the dawn of time) for you. It is actually a nifty problem.  Generating perfect analysis is actually NP complete. The application is also a great demo of some of the cool new stuff we have been working on in C# land for the last couple of years. It uses new language features including a generic Set class, it uses iterators all over the place - probably a little too much :), and also static classes for all the interop declarations. I've also used the new attributes to customize the display of many of the data structures in the debugger which helped me a ton when I was debugging the basic algorithms. And lastly, I spent some time yesterday cleaning up the code for your sweeping enjoyment using our new refactoring features - 2 hours and dozens of refactorings later and the code looks pretty sharp if I do say so myself.

Well, have fun, and happy sweeping,


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