Excel 2010 is better than the PPS Planning AddIn

Although the model of using an Excel AddIn can be a little clunky (especially for what PPS Planning called the contributor scenario) I think my team did a pretty good job getting some very usable reporting elements. Now I get to point you to things my team didn’t do, but are native features of Excel….

Gemini Cures Cancer…Not!

Most of the people reading this blog have probably also seen demos or at least heard of Gemini and it’s magical powers of solving all BI problems known and unknown. (And you probably want to be looking at it. You can see if you get accepted to the CTP from the instructions here. I understand…


HOWTO: Dynamic rows or columns with a dimension property filter

To filter rows and columns by a filter selection has previously been discussed here. But one thing you might not have noticed is that the list of property values (aka the filter scope) is static. If a new member property appears the form needs to be modified to include it, even if the “all” button….

HOWTO: Select a time range that is dynamic (updates over time for a rolling forecast)

There are 2 kinds of ranges that the PPS Planning Member Picker supports: 1) From the selected member to an offset from current period (or vice versa). 2) Or from an offset from the current period to another offset from the current period. (It’s also possible to simply use an offset from the current period…


Why not use the "where clause" for filters instead of "on pages"?

Short answer: In SP1 the PPS Planning add-in will use the where clause and life for MDX experts will be back to normal.* Long answer: Because of the extra properties needed for writeback. The CellSet returned by AdoMd.Net does not return member properties for members specified in the where clause. What additional properties the add-in…