Gemini has an official name: PowerPivot

Well the Gemini team is making progress towards shipping. Now they have a real name: PowerPivot. They still don’t have any pricing/licensing/packaging details; that is promised later this year. There’s also links to sign up for a beta. But I don’t have any more details about that. Like all Microsoft employees I had access to…


Excel 2010 is better than the PPS Planning AddIn

Although the model of using an Excel AddIn can be a little clunky (especially for what PPS Planning called the contributor scenario) I think my team did a pretty good job getting some very usable reporting elements. Now I get to point you to things my team didn’t do, but are native features of Excel….


Gemini destroys the world….Not!

So in a previous post I tried to tear down Gemini to something relatively simple, instead of curing cancer. This post is when I build it back up. Gemini just lets end-users combine data without having to get IT and DBAs involved. This is precisely where some fear begins to be revealed by IT and…


Gemini Cures Cancer…Not!

Most of the people reading this blog have probably also seen demos or at least heard of Gemini and it’s magical powers of solving all BI problems known and unknown. (And you probably want to be looking at it. You can see if you get accepted to the CTP from the instructions here. I understand…