Excel 2010 is better than the PPS Planning AddIn

Although the model of using an Excel AddIn can be a little clunky (especially for what PPS Planning called the contributor scenario) I think my team did a pretty good job getting some very usable reporting elements. Now I get to point you to things my team didn’t do, but are native features of Excel….

Radio Silence

Well radio silence has been maintained quite successfully. Sorry for the lack of updates but with Planning development ended I haven’t had a lot to say… Office 2010 (aka Office 14) is finally starting to see the light of day. I know some of you by now have gotten your hands on the Technical Preview…


HOWTO: Dynamic rows or columns with a dimension property filter

To filter rows and columns by a filter selection has previously been discussed here. But one thing you might not have noticed is that the list of property values (aka the filter scope) is static. If a new member property appears the form needs to be modified to include it, even if the “all” button….

HOWTO: Filter rows and columns by selecting from a filter

(Sorry for the gap since my last post, things have been a bit busy lately in Peter Eb. land…) One simple way to do this filtering is to enable suppress blank rows or suppress blank columns. Then when there is no data (non-null) in the cube for those rows/columns they won’t be shown. This is…


HOWTO: Hide filters for dimensions that confuse users

For data entry forms (and even some reports) its pretty important to keep contributors focused on their specific task. Its especially easy for users who are not familiar with OLAP or PPS to be confused by some things: “TimeDataView” and “Business Process” are two dimensions in particular that are just not relevant to expose to…


What does the error "filter selection for dimension XYZ is not in the filter scope"?

This is a confusing error for users and form authors alike, especially since the add-in help does not have a glossary entry for "filter scope". I fear I came up with the error text, so I apologize. So to hopefully rectify this situation, we have this post. (Plus technically its not an error, it’s a…


HOWTO: Make 1 filter control more than 1 matrix

A common request by form authors is to create a “start here” worksheet page where contributors can change some global filters. Then they advance to other worksheets in the workbook to do their actual data entry. Other times authors just want to link multiple matrices so that changing the filter on matrix A also changes…


Why not use the "where clause" for filters instead of "on pages"?

Short answer: In SP1 the PPS Planning add-in will use the where clause and life for MDX experts will be back to normal.* Long answer: Because of the extra properties needed for writeback. The CellSet returned by AdoMd.Net does not return member properties for members specified in the where clause. What additional properties the add-in…


HOWTO: Validate 2 filter selections match using a member property

A recent post by “abdulmohi” in the PPS Planning forums asked about linking or cascading filters. So that once one filter was selected, another filter would be updated to match the first. In abdulmohi’s case it was obvious what the linkage should be because there was a member property in the first dimension. There is…