PerformancePoint Server 2007 SP3 released

Finally made it out the door! For the AddIn I have a couple notes: Besides the usual rollup of hotfixes (bug fixes) there is a new feature: Line Item Details (LIDs). This was supported by the server but not on the client side, and now it is! We did our best to get some data…

Excel 2010 is better than the PPS Planning AddIn

Although the model of using an Excel AddIn can be a little clunky (especially for what PPS Planning called the contributor scenario) I think my team did a pretty good job getting some very usable reporting elements. Now I get to point you to things my team didn’t do, but are native features of Excel….

Radio Silence

Well radio silence has been maintained quite successfully. Sorry for the lack of updates but with Planning development ended I haven’t had a lot to say… Office 2010 (aka Office 14) is finally starting to see the light of day. I know some of you by now have gotten your hands on the Technical Preview…


Extended absences and other people doing my job for me!

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted. I’ve still been hanging out in the PPS TechNet forums, but just haven’t been finding as much time to post. I’ve had a little change in job duties that are taking some time to adjust to. Anyway I’m very pleased to see that others in the blogosphere…


If you haven’t seen it yet the english builds are available!   I have some details about the addin performance improvements

When will data appear in the cube after a submit from the PPS Planning Business Client?

It’s actually hard to say. This process is asynchronous which is why the status is initially Pending, then WaitProcess, then finally Partial/Submitted. See my other posts about assignment statuses and assignment actions for more details and a quick overview. Ok so we understand this, but just when-oh-when will data appear in the cube for others…


HOWTO: Dynamic rows or columns with a dimension property filter

To filter rows and columns by a filter selection has previously been discussed here. But one thing you might not have noticed is that the list of property values (aka the filter scope) is static. If a new member property appears the form needs to be modified to include it, even if the “all” button….

HOWTO: Filter rows and columns by selecting from a filter

(Sorry for the gap since my last post, things have been a bit busy lately in Peter Eb. land…) One simple way to do this filtering is to enable suppress blank rows or suppress blank columns. Then when there is no data (non-null) in the cube for those rows/columns they won’t be shown. This is…


What does this PPS Planning workflow action mean?

Workflow handles jobs, cycles, assignments and more. In keeping with my focus on the PPS Planning Business Client (aka Add-In for Excel), this post will just cover those actions related to assignments. In keeping with my new analogy of describing workflow as the paper/check-based banking system I’ll try to use some comparisons as well, although…


HOWTO: Select a time range that is dynamic (updates over time for a rolling forecast)

There are 2 kinds of ranges that the PPS Planning Member Picker supports: 1) From the selected member to an offset from current period (or vice versa). 2) Or from an offset from the current period to another offset from the current period. (It’s also possible to simply use an offset from the current period…