Microsoft BI Conference 2008

I imagine that very few people who read this blog don't already know about the Microsoft BI Conference happening in Seattle this year during October 6-8. I'll be spending as much time as I can there (since I'm local its easy for me to go but I've still got to keep track of normal things happening at work).

I'm still trying to decide what sessions to go to. As a developer I don't get as much customer interaction as the PM side (or sales & support), so I'm leaning towards trying to attend as many of the customer/partner presentations on PPS as possible as well as the PPS chalk talks that should be less PowerPoint driven. In addition I will be a proctor during some of the Hands-on-Labs (HOLs).

I'm registered at, if you search for "petereb" you can find my profile. (I guess even BI is social now) During this week I'll figure out what sessions I expect to be at, when I'll be in the HOLs, etc. And I'll add that to the profile in case you really want to stalk me and complain about some bug in the AddIn. If you want to influence where I go so we can meet or have some focused discussions, please write in my wall at or comment here.

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