Mix06: Do you like the XBOX360?

Sadly, today was the last day of Mix06, and things started winding down this morning.  I think the coolest thing I saw this afternoon though, was when the Channel 9 team (or was it ten) came by the XBox station that I was manning and asked if they could interview the couple of guys who…


More Free Money With Express

As a follow on to one of my last posts, I found this kind of cool thing.  If you’re using Express do to do neat stuff, check this out!  If you submit your story on how you’re using Express, and they use you in a feature article, they’ll give you a $100 Amazon.com gift certificate….


Mix06: Mashups, Origami, MCE, Tao

We’re about 1/2 of the way through day 2 here, and there is still some great stuff happening here.  If you didn’t hear, yesterday, we announced a Go Live license for Atlas!  This freakin’ rocks!  I’m really looking forward to starting to play with it more! MashUps After sitting through some of the keynotes and…

Mix06: Atlas is ALIVE!

There is one other super AWESOME thing that has come out of Mix. Atlas March CTP now has a GO LIVE license!  That means you can put this on production boxes and use it to impress your customers!


Mix06: Day 1

Well, we’re about 1/2 way through day one here at Mix06 and all I can do is say WOW. WOW! The keynotes this morning were pretty good, I’m not a big keynote fan, I’d much rather get my info seeing demos one-on-one or hearing about cool stuff in real environements, but today kicked butt.  Bill…

Mix06: I’m Here!

It’s a little after midnight on Friday night and I’ve made it to Vegas, along with several thousand other folks.  Appearantly, its a bit of a weird night here, I had to wait in line for over an hour for a taxi.  The line up was really similar to what you’d find at an amusement…


MashUp: Mix06, Origami, Hiring, Sapphire

I kind of feel like I’m ripping off /. on this, but I’ve got a lot of little things I want to post, and individually they don’t all add up to a full post, so instead, I’m going to “mix” them into one post. Mix06! This time next week, Mix06 will be coming to an…

Want $10,000?

I understand why, but I really wish that most contests did not include the line “Employees of Microsoft Corporation… are not eligible to enter.” I just found a really neat contest. People submit ideas for an application that they want to create, the deal is that it has to use one of the Visual Studio…


Bug Bounty: Disappearing Templates

I’ve come across another bug that I’ve decided to put up for a bug bounty.  This is a fairly hot topic within the forums right now, and a few people are seeing it, and it completely stops development of new web applications for them, and thats just not acceptable to me. It seems that for…


We’re still hiring!

I posted my original job posting a few weeks ago now, and have had some great responses, but, we’ve still got open head count!  Our team is pretty cool (biased, I know).  We don’t work 80 hours a week (or even 60 or 50 for that matter), and we get to play with some of…