Post Web Direction North and Web Compatibility

I got back from Web Directions North last Sunday, and I got hit HARD with a cold or something.  I made it into work on Monday to meet with the great Molly Holzschlag to figure out what our priorities are going to be for content development, and where we’re looking for our long term relationship…



(in my personal blog style)  okay, so i did it…. i signed up for twitter, not sure if it’s a good thing, or a bad thing… you tell me…  petele on twitter, feel free to add me… i’ll likely add you back, especailly if i know you, have met you, or you’re doing some kind…


PEte vs Pete

A few people have asked, but I figured I’d post a quick note about why I sign my emails “PEte” instead of “Pete”.  And yes, there is a good reason. Well, at least I think it’s good. PEte 😉


Week 4 as a Product Manager

One of the people I report to this week asked me what the difference between a Product Manager and a GREAT Product Manager.  It turns out the difference is in how you answer a question.  Instead of saying how difficult something is going to be to do, you just say, “consider it done!”  It is…


Thanks for all the fish!

One of my favourite things about working for this company is the interaction I get to have with all of you, the end users, the developers, the IT professionals, the knowledge workers and so forth.  In fact, over the least two or three years, I’ve been working hard to make that more part of my…


The Bellagio Fountains of Diet Coke

As I was doing some of my morning infosnacking, I came across this post on slashdot. A few guys seem to have figured out how to recreate the Bellagio Fountains using only 2L bottles of diet coke, and several menthos.  Check out the video at


personal: this side up.

I figured I’d share this with both my personal and work blogs as it’s kind of funny and a little humbling. In my personal blog, I always write in smallcaps, so just ignore that fact, and hopefully you’ll get a laugh out of my morning. my friend heath and i have been rowing every morning…


Don’t forget to check your web application on other browsers!

One of my pet peeves about web designers and web application developers is the ones who don’t check to make sure everything works and looks good in the major browsers, not just IE*. I am a 100% IE user at work, and at home, I use IE when I’m on my PC, but on my…


My Photography Is Hanging

I’ve got two shows hanging in the very near future, not a lot of my work, but there is some, so if you’re interested in seeing any, I’d recommend checking it out! PCNW Staff & Faculty show is currently hanging at the Photo Center. I’ve got three pieces hanging in that show.   Music, a…


VS Launch Tomorrow in Canada!

As I was getting ready this morning, I realized something kind of cool, and at the same time, a little scary. The last launch event I was at, I was in my teens, just finishing up high school, and working for Microosft as a high school intern. It was the Windows 95 launch at the…