Running Multiple Versions Of IE On The Same Box

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Top 10 Web Mistakes [From TechEd EMEA]

I just finished presenting my last session of TechEd EMEA for 2008 and I’m sad to be leaving!  But, hopefully I’ll get another chance next year. My last session was a repeat of “Top 10 Web Mistakes” and I said I’d post some of the sites that I showed during the session, so here they…


ReMIX: Presentations in PDF & Source for VS2008 Demo

Yep, the internet is on!  I think most of the comments I got yesterday all revolved around the fact that I posted all my presentations in PPTX format.  I work for Microsoft, and well, I use PowerPoint to create my presentations.  I figured most people, even if they didn’t have PowerPoint on their machines would…


ReMIX: Search Engine Optimization For Rich Internet Applications

I think that this was my favorite session I did while doing all my ReMIX presentations.  It was the one I found most interesting, and most relevant to the work that I do, and see many web developers and designers doing every day. I’m not sure if there is video for this session, but if…


reMIX 07 and

With MIX07 just behind us, there are some fun events coming up in Europe, Asia and else where in the world.  REMIX 07 is an opportunity to for people who didn’t or couldn’t make it to Vegas to see some of the great sessions and events that took place at MIX. But what I like…


IE Public Bug Database – Connect

I’ve been following the comments over on the IE blog about Molly’s post, particularly the comments of Chris Beall, thacker and steve_web, and I figured I’d post a bit of a follow up to what they were saying and ask for feedback from the community. In the IE7 timeframe, with the connect database open, we…


Compacting XP VPC Images

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IE6 VPC Refresh

Cross-posted from the IE Blog In my original blog post about releasing the IE6 Virtual PC Image, we mentioned that it would expire on April 1st, 2007 (no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke), and that we’d be releasing a new VPC image to replace it sometime in March.  Well, I’m happy to report that…


IE6 VPC (An Update)

Just a quick update to let you know the work for the IE6 VPC has been mostly completed.  We’re down to the last few steps, and I hope to have it out by the end of the week.  Before we release it, I’ll be testing it on the PC, and I also want to test…