TechEd09 – Top 10 Mistakes Made By Web Developers

I consider myself a developer more than a designer.  In fact, I’m pretty bad at web design.  I know what looks nice, and I know what doesn’t work well, but I’m not so good at creating kick butt designs.  So, at TechEd last year, I presented “Top 10 Mistakes Made By Web Developers” and it went over extremely well, and I was asked to do it again this year.  I did it twice at TechEd EMEA in Barcelona, and was asked to do it twice this year as we filled the room the first time! 

Since it was an Interactive session, it’s not recorded, nor are the slides put online but I offered to share some of the sites I used both as good sites and bad sites and also share the slides!

I’ll be posting the demo code from WUX310 later this week!



Comments (4)

  1. What's New says:

    I consider myself a developer more than a designer. In fact, I’m pretty bad at web design. I know what

  2. Jack says:

    Let me see how many mistakes I have in these 10.


  3. Martin says:

    usability engineering, usability engineering, usability engineering its all about creating a desired user experience. So easy to say so hard to do!

  4. Greg says:

    #1 expecting things far in excess of the capability of a language, toolset, scripting language.

    #2 expecting a web GUI application to have the same interactiviity and WYSIWYG look and feel as a desktop application

    #3 dooming your web site to poor performance and high maintenance cost by using unproven new technology that has a 1.5 year lifetime

    #4 dooming your web site by using a library (third party or open source) for which you need < 1% of its functionality.  Or, in other terms, assuming that since you can get the code to an open source library, it is easy to modify/maintain that library to fit your needs in a reasonable amount of time.  Finding and fixing a bug ina 100,000 line library you know nothing about is a non-trivial task.

    #5 relying on XML to handle more than 1mb of data in a single XML string

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