VPC’s are coming…

Since several people have asked, the new VPC’s are propping now.  I suspect they should be up and available within the next 12 hours.  Watch the IE or IETeam twitter accounts for updates.


Running Multiple Versions Of IE On The Same Box

MOVED This content has been moved to my new blog at http://petelepage.com/blog/2009/04/running-multiple-versions-of-ie-on-the-same-box/ Thanks,PEte


Setting X-UA-Compatible with ASP.NET Pages

I got an email today asking about the best way to go about adding the X-UA-Compatible tags on ASP.NET pages where you’ve got a master page, and may want to over ride the X-UA-Compatible tag in some content pages, but not others. After playing around with it in Visual Studio for a few minutes, I…