Top 10 Web Mistakes [From TechEd EMEA]

I just finished presenting my last session of TechEd EMEA for 2008 and I'm sad to be leaving!  But, hopefully I'll get another chance next year.

My last session was a repeat of "Top 10 Web Mistakes" and I said I'd post some of the sites that I showed during the session, so here they are. 

Sites That Suck
How am I supposed to find content on this site?
Some validation errors are okay, others, maybe not so much.
I don't even know where to start, figuratively or literally.
Nice to see consistency on here. 🙂
Only pop ups?  Really?
Think about your work flow.
Try turning JavaScript off and count the clicks to a 404.
A little too much flash for me.
Hmm, ad too much?
Let's find a creative way of putting ads on a page.
If only there were a group like Doctors Without Boarders, Designers Without Boarders.

Sites That Rock
GREAT use of isolating hacks!

 Thanks for a great time in Barcelona!

Comments (5)

  1. User says:

    I hardly see any probs with you "suck" sites.

    And the "rock" one is nothing special either.

    Please don’t write if you have nothing to say. Web is flooded by trash "blogs" like yours.

  2. John van Leeuwen says:

    One more for sites with missing or mysterious navigation:

  3. PeteL's Blog says:

    I consider myself a developer more than a designer. In fact, I’m pretty bad at web design. I know what

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