Fronteers Session

Here's the deck that I presented today at Fronteers 2008.  Seems like people got something out of it, and was told by a couple of people that "wow, I have nothing to complain about any more"!  Love it!


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  1. HB says:

    Does that mean we will be able to test IE6 rendering directly in IE8? (Page 4 – What do developers want).

    Which would be REALLY handy…

  2. Edwin Martin says:

    Front end web developers are always a bit sceptical about IE, but this was a really nice session. It was really nice to hear about Microsofts commitment to CSS 2.1 and how you solved the problem of updating the browser without "breaking the web". The Firebug-clone in IE8 is also very nice (or better: a must) to have. And I’m looking forward implementing accelerators and web slices. Nice talk.

  3. sil says:

    Another twenty-five bottles of wine and maybe I’d have got somewhere persuading you to open-source Trident 😉

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