IE VPC’s – Which Ones Next?

Apologies for going dark the last little while, I'm going to do my best to change that again.  Lots of stuff going on here that I'm really excited about, but before I get into that, I want to do an unscientific survey.

 We currently offer developers and designers the following VPC images:

  • XP + SP2 with IE6

  • XP + SP2 with IE7

We're looking at the next batch now, and I'm curious, if we were to add one more, which of the following would you prefer?

  • Vista with IE7

  • Vista + SP1 with IE7

Also, if you're a Mac user, and want to see either VPC images compressed with ZIP, or Parallels users, a comment would be appreciated.  No promises on these, I just want to understand what is more important to you.


Comments (25)

  1. For the Mac, I would perfer a VMware Fusion image.  I was originally a Parallels user but switched to VMware’s Fusion since it is faster and has a better UI (in my opinion).

  2. Jon says:

    My vote is for Vista + SP1 w/ IE7.

  3. John Bates says:

    I’d only test with XP+SP2+IE6 and Vista+SP1+IE7.

  4. Gyrobo says:

    It’s my understanding that the sole purpose of these images is for testing various versions of Internet Explorer. Since there are no rendering differences between the Vista and XP versions of IE7, what’s the point of having a bulkier, more resourse intensive Vista image?

    Also, a ZIP version would be appreciated.

  5. bazile says:

    I would prefer Vista + SP1 with IE7

  6. johnzered says:

    Yup! Vista + SP1 with IE 7 is my suggestion too

  7. mike says:

    If there are no differences in IE7 with or without SP1 then SP1, otherwise both.

  8. Stuart Ferguson says:

    Is there a difference between the IE7 that is installed on Xp and the IE7 that is built into Vista ?

  9. I would also prefer Vista + SP1 with IE7

  10. Ken Tucker says:

    I would prefer Vista + SP1 with IE7 also

  11. Joseph says:

    I would also prefer Vista + SP1 with IE7

  12. mo says:

    Where can I download these VPC images

  13. Philipp says:

    I totally agree with bazile. VPC’s with Vista + SP1 and IE7 would be really great.

  14. Thomas says:

    Yes! I would greatly appreciate the XP images in .zip versus the .exe wrapped files. It’s great to be able to verify IE6 and IE7 rendering from a Mac.

    I think you would find a great deal of developers very happy about such an option 🙂

  15. Sean Patterson says:

    I also would like Vista + SP1 w/IE7. I mainly use my VPCs to emulate end user environments where I work and this would be a great way to test things.

    I wager most PCs will be upgrading to SP1 in a timely manner, so having the "latest and greatest" would be best.

  16. Francois says:

    It would make sense to have the "most up to date" VM, thus Vista SP1 and IE7.

    However, if there are some major incompatibilities with SP1 that could potentially require us to test even "average" pieces of software (that is, software that doesn’t do any kind of system stuff…. that would work on virtually any version of windows with any setup), then having the previous image (without SP1) would be the best.

    I haven’t tried SP1, or even read (much) about it, so I can’t be more precise  than that.  But the only reason I’d want the non-SP1 version would be if it was vastly different, even for everyday development… only SP2 of XP did that.

  17. Eric E. says:

    Vista + SP1 with IE7 would be best.  Our company currently has no plans to move to Vista; but as some of our clients have it, it would be helpful to have a VPC that would let us test Vista.

  18. klu says:

    yes, Vista SP1 + IE7 sounds like a very good deal. I’m assuming that the vast majority of Vista users will jump on SP1, so it will acurrately reflect the environment.

    Considering the April expiration date for the December VPC images, the availability of the new releases is rather clear. But XP SP2? Still? Any thoughts on XP SP3 + IE 6/7?

    anyway, excellent work, some of us out there, even if not very vocal, are indeed grateful…

  19. Clinton Gallagher says:

    I’ve recently discovered and confirmed IE7 can in fact render differently on the IIS5.1 XP platform than on the IIS7 Vista platform but I cannot yet explain exactly how other than to note it is some context of CSS positioning and the box model.

    The page layout of a 2.0 application I am developing got started and tested for IE7 on XP and now when viewed using IE7 on a new Vista machine the layout is mangled.

    Furthermore, the same application appears as developed and expected when using IE6 on a different XP machine on the LAN. The same is true when using Firefox on all three machines. The only bad child is IE7 on IIS7 on Vista.

  20. I talk to people who still use modems and run IE5 on older machines that just keep on running just like that Energizer Bunny .

    There are still plenty of "poor" people that are not hip broadband bandidos like us. Many, many, many of them. Testing for that persistent and measurable group of people is to bring more people to the "buy" button get it?

    Go to that dusty old closet and drag out an IE5.5 VPC.

    And what browser(s) run on those $100 laptops anyway?

  21. JD says:

    I think both would be good, reason being that not all users out there will update to sp1. Mainly because some of them may not know how to do so. Those would be the ones that will complain about the site in IE7.

    Of course if there is no real difference between non-sp and sp1, then I go with the latter if that is the case.

    Other question, I use both vpc images out there to test web applications and non-web applications, and was wondering if it was possible to login into the system as an admin. One of the applications i was testing recently involved me installing and then uninstalling it, but alas I was not able to uninstall because I did not have admin rights. So if that is possible then let me know.

  22. Chris says:

    As a Mac user, I’d appreciate XP or Vista + IE7, in zipped Parallels or zipped VMware format (VMs created with VMware on Windows work unmodified with VMware Fusion on a Mac).


  23. Ciaran Roarty says:

    As a Mac User, I’d appreciate a Parallels VPC.

    In terms of versions, Vista with SP1 would be best, I think.

  24. Zac says:

    VMWare Fusion for the Mac please!  Vista SP1 + IE7 would be GREATLY appreciated!!!  

  25. Cox, Ken says:

    Vista + SP1 with IE7 is my choice.

    The XP + SP2 with IE6 VPC was very useful to me in reproducing an IE 6 bug. Thanks for doing them!

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