IE6 / IE7 VPC’s Coming

Just a quick note to say that the IE6 and IE7 VPC images are being updated as we speak, and I suspect the new versions should be online Monday or Tuesday. 

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  1. Mike says:

    Here’s an idea: don’t time bomb the images. That way I don’t have to reinstall, and MS doesn’t have to update anything.

    I’m telling you, that company has made annoying customers and developers into an art form!

  2. PeteLe says:


    Microsoft is giving you a copy of Windows XP to test with.  We can’t give away an un-timebombed image as we would be giving away a free copy of Windows XP.  

    The option of building your own VPC image is certainly available to you.  Doing it yourself will not require time bombs or updating things yourself.

  3. rbonser says:

    Here’s an even better idea, create a stand alone version of IE6 & IE7 so we can run both without having to use Virtual PC.

  4. Eric says:


    Lucky you… I’ve still got IE4 and IE5 users hitting our .COM (although, I admit, I no longer even attempt to test for those versions).

  5. Grayson says:

    I have an even better idea – you should force your customers to update to IE7 or any newer IE-version available in the future.

    Just timebomb the browsers and call it a security feature that prevents people from using possibly insecure browsers!

    The customers will get used to it – Firefox checks for an update all the time and tries to convince the user to update which seems to work well.

    I guess web developers all over the world would love you for this!

    @Mike: I think Microsoft is has a split personality – the intelligent developer part and the dumb business school marketing guys screwing it all up…

  6. Bob says:

    Sell the VM as a stand alone machine for $50.00 with no time expiration.  Keep VPC as an application alive for the long run so that old VM images with special software installed can be managed more effectively by IT shops.

  7. Dave says:

    First, I appreciate the work that is done in support of keeping IE6 available to developers and I will say nothing bad about either MS or the individuals who help create this. It is a life saver for me and its a free solution so small businesses like the one I work for have an option that doesn’t break the bank.

    I do like the idea of selling the standalone version with no time expiration, but essentially that doesn’t quite fulfill the requirement at hand…which is basically to not give away a copy of XP.

    I would build my own if I could ensure that the pre-activated key/WGA/validation wouldn’t be a problem….for example, if I could use a license key that was specific for this type of VM application and that wouldn’t fail validation or continuously report activation failure.

  8. dave says:

    is it possible to sysprep the image? or does that cause probs?

  9. Dave says:

    please, please, please. It’s Wedneday and I’m getting deja-vu from the last time.


  10. Stuart says:

    Where can I find these VPCs?

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