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So as it turns out, it's been a while since I last posted.  Things have been a little nutty around here.  We just finished our fiscal year, and have started planning for our next fiscal year.  It's been really exciting, lots of cool stuff happening around the next version of IE, planning for Expression Web 2, and getting ready for the launch of Visual Web Developer.

Visual Web Developer Beta 2

In fact, Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, including Visual Web Developer Express Beta 2 is now available! I'm really excited that they're now available as they've come a long way since Beta 1. 

If I had to name my top three fav features of VWD 2008, I guess I would say that they are:

  1. JavaScript enhancements, including intellisense, and debugging
  2. CSS and HTML enhancements
  3. Data Access Improvements with LINQ

I'm really excited to see these guys get to Beta2.  This is the team that I was on before I moved to my current role, and I've got a special place in my heart for them.  They've done some awesome work here, and I'd recommend checking out VWD or VS Pro.

Web Developer Tools

At TechEd this year, John Hrvatin presented a chalk talk about developer tools for Internet Explorer.  It was fantastically well attended, the room was overflowing!  We're looking at ways we can rebroadcast the session online to share with all involved.  But he did post a blog post a couple of weeks after TechEd with a summary of all the tools.  It's certainly worth checking out.

I think my top three tools are:


I've had a few emails the last week or two asking if we're going to update the IE VPCs that are available, as the time-bomb expiry is approaching.  I've already started working on them, and should have them online in the next couple of weeks.  I'm aiming to get them up by the 10th of August. 

This round, instead of building them myself, I'm working with someone else to get them built, so it's a bit of a different process.  I've given them all the instructions that I have, and once I get the images from them, I'll do a few tests on them to make sure everything works correctly, and then roll them out.

We'll release an IE6 and an IE7 VPC image again this time both based on Windows XP SP2 + the latest patches.

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  1. Ingo Chao says:

    Can you share information about the plans on how long these images will be a supported solution for parallel testing; will there be IE8, IE7.5, IE7, IE6 builds for VPC for the next years, quarterly time-bombed?

  2. David Page says:

    Pete, first off, just a note of thanks for this project.

    Second, just a request for an update on the progress as we’re coming REALLY close to the expiry date. Our dev’s are continuing to need and use this and I have to deploy it to about 20 folks and walk through the customizations they have to do (ip addressing, java, paging file, etc)


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