We've seen a few reports of people having problems with the recently released IE6 VPC image.  At first I thought it was because people were running the image on non-Microsoft virtualization software, which causes the image to be invalidated.  But, I got a report internally from someone who confirmed they were running the VPC on Virual PC 2007, and sure enough.

Obviously, that's not the problem, and I'm not sure what the problem is.  I'm going to spend a few hours this week trying to track it down, but the short answer I think it that I'll end up having to release a new image.  Sucky, I know.  But, I do have one peice of good news.  I'm going to build two Windows XP images in parallel.  One for IE6, and we're going to release an IE7 on Windows XP virutal PC image as well! 

I suspect it'll take about 2 weeks to get it done.  It takes me about 2 full days to build the image, shrink it down as much as possible and get it to a place where we can apply the time bombing, and then the time bombing process takes about 48-72 hours.  After that, there is about another hour to two worth of work to do, and the upload process starts. 

I'll get a post up here and on the IE blog once it's done, but look for something mid to late next week. 

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  1. Here is a list of assorted links I thought were interesting. I’ve been distracted and haven’t blogged

  2. Gyrobo says:

    Can you, or anyone else on the Internet Explorer Development team, explain why you’ve decided to time bomb these images instead of using some kind of honor system?

  3. Gerard van der Land says:

    Running Virtual PC 2007 I’m getting "You may be victim of software counterfeiting" messages all over the place. Also, upon first boot XP finds new hardware, for which it requires a reboot. Maybe you should build the image on Virtual PC 2007 instead.

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