IE7 Slow To Load Site Sometimes? A Fix!


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  1. Doug says:

    I clicked the link from the main feed and this page was really slow to load.

    Perhaps the flickr gadget is the cause.

  2. Lionel says:

    I also find that loading your page is quite slow, but it looks like it is caused, in my case, by scripts loaded from

  3. BMW says:

    Another tip:

    If you set "" as your homepage, it will come up every time you load IE7.  I agree, it’s frustrating to have to wait for Pete’s blog to load.


  4. jvierra says:

    Pete’s blog loads very fast for me and I’m on IE7 on a slow machine.

    What is extremely slow with IE7 is MSDN2.  The XML memnus take forever to load and always reload on every click of a link/topic.

    Al little Ajax here would probably vlean this up a bit.

  5. jvierra says:

    One thing I can see when looking at the blog source is that there is a fair amount of bloat due to teh MSOffice formatting.

    I wonder if, under some circumstances, this may cause slow rendering performance?

    I mention this because, on many sites, IE7 tends to build it’s page very slowly.  Not this on for me but it does happen.  The same site on IE6 render norrmally.

    Is it machine settings or IE7 issues with some layouts?

  6. Prince says:

    I think since IE7 has Phishing filter in-built, it scans the page content before it loads into the browser, that makes the page load slower

  7. John says:

    IE7 is a dog.  Even after I uninstalled and went back to IE6 I had problems. The things that worked to restore speed inluded:

    Did all maintenace – disk health, defrag, etc.

    Did all XP tweaks to improve computer speed (google "10 simple ways to speed up XP")

    Uninstalled Norton system Works – (a main cause of slowdown on both of my two machines)

    Delete Internet temp files, history and cookies

    Flush DNS cache ( may require you to rename your computer) – this was a big problem

    I now have blinding speed on all pages – in ie6.

    Good luck,


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