Post Web Direction North and Web Compatibility

I got back from Web Directions North last Sunday, and I got hit HARD with a cold or something.  I made it into work on Monday to meet with the great Molly Holzschlag to figure out what our priorities are going to be for content development, and where we're looking for our long term relationship to go.  How do we make the most of Molly's time and resources? 

Molly and I came up with some really good things I think.  We have 12 topics we're going to focus on over the next year or so, both from an inside out perspective (creating help documents, samples, tutorials, videos, etc) and outside in (taking your feedback and making sure the product team for IE, and other teams hear it).  As you can imagine, there is lots of feedback, so figuring out what the common themes are is a big task.  Something I would like for us to spend more time on.

I ended up leaving Molly early on Monday, as I was getting sick.  Sicker than I've been in ages!  (Thanks Molly for putting up with a sick Pete)  I went home, and went to bed.  I think between Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon, I left my condo twice, once to go to the doctors, and once to take the garbage out.  Thank goodness for TiVo, NetFlix and books.  (I wish the library worked the same way NetFlix did, that'd be cool, I'd pay for that.)

I did spend some time this weekend updating my personal fine art photography site.  I've got a show coming up in March, and well, I knew my site didn't render in IE6, and it looked pretty bad in FireFox.  The big problem was when I originally wrote it, it didn't have the DOCTYPE switch in it, and well, yah, thats bad.  So last night, I took the 20 minutes needed to put the DOCTYPE switch in, and fix the layout.  But yay, now renders correctly in IE6, IE7, FireFox, Safari and Opera! 

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  1. Sarah says:

    There are a couple of "like Netflix, but for books" services out there. comes to mind.  I’m tempted, but have started reading more books in parallel as of late, and I think a service like this would make me feel that I needed to pick one and push through it to get my money’s worth.  Much as I found myself watching one more episode of The West Wing than planned some Wednesday evenings so I could be sure Netflix would have a new disc to me for the weekend.

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