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I'm really excited about the announcement we made on the IE Blog earlier today.  Molly Holzschlag has joined forces with the IE team.  I think this is a great win for the web design world, Moll and Microsoft.  When Molly and I first started talking about what her role would entail, I explained to her I wanted to hire Molly, not "Microsoft Molly", but Molly.  She isn't going out and pimping things, and she's not going to be telling you things she doesn't believe in, she still be out working to make the web a happier place for all web designers and developers to be.

When we first brought Molly on, she and I worked and tried to come up with a good set of projects for her to work on.  As you might have read on the IE Blog, there are two major components, providing resources and working with Microsoft and all other browser vendors to help move forward interoperability so that it "becomes the heart of the Web again".  Molly has already gotten off to a great start on these projects and is currently working on a "How Do I" video series that we hope to have live later this week or early next week.  We'll probably announce those on the IE Blog once they're done.

Molly has also started a new blog which we've called "The Daily Molly" (RSS).  It's meant to be a short daily snippet of stuff going on that is relevant to web developers, web designers, and other web centric folks. 

IE Web Casts

The web casts have been great so far! Thanks to all those who have come out!  If you've missed them, or because of the time change, you can't make it to one, they're available for online viewing, or downloadable about 4 or 5 hours after the conclusion of the web cast.  This week, Jeremy Epling is going to be talking about the power of the IE add-on.  Pretty relevant for those who are submitting their add-on for the content!  Don't forget, the contest closes in just over a week!

IIS Download Center

One of my co-workers Eric, just rolled out a cool new feature for his site,  The new DownloadCENTER is a community site for sharing, reviewing, promoting and discovering new IIS related solutions.  Think of it like an IE Add-on site for IIS.  IIS7 is going to be pretty slick, and has a pretty powerful modular feature that allows you to customize exactly how IIS works.  I'm excited to see it ship!

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  1. Molly E. Holzschlag , formerly of the Web Standards Project (WASP) has joined the IE team on a contract

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