Internet Explorer 7 Command Line Arguments


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  1. Dave Sussman says:

    I’ve been using -nohome for years, but it causes problems in IE7. The search box doesn’t work until there is at least one tab with full navigation, either to a proper URI or to about:blank (and possibly other internal resources, I haven’t checked).

    I much prefer nohome over about:blank, because the latter is actually text in the address bar, and I’m often typing there before that text is actually populated, cause it to be pre- or appended to what I’m typing.

  2. Markus Ruppel says:

    I am looking for an option to start mutiple tabs from the cmd line, i.e.

    iexplore site1 site2 site3

    Is this doable?



  3. Markus,

    Yes, just start iexplore several times, one for each url.

    Of course the user can change behaviour in Internet Options but the default is that each time you run iexplore with a url it will open in a new tab.

  4. Olivier says:


    If I do that, I have several windows with an url in each one, and I didn’t found the right option to obtain several urls in a single window (since I think have tried all of them) … What’s the problem ?

    Thank you for your answer .

  5. jonnyxx says:

    I have to say, i tried the -noext command line option and it does just what i want, but who was the dill who made it so that each time you run the browser in this way, it open with this stupid page tellling you you are running without addons each and every time (with a popup bar across the top as a second reminder which has to be closed manually). and then you have to click again to get to your homepage. I mean what is the point of a homepage, it is supposed to start when you start your browser. They provide the command line option – noext and when you use it the browser reacts as though you have done it by mistake. someone at microsoft had a bad day at the browser brainstorming sesssion.

  6. jonnyxx says:

    Further to the above, I just noticed that i am going to be missing some controls which will effect the browsing. we have an internet cafe and i have been playing with several browsers. So far firefox has the best kiosk addons.  All i need is a fully functioning internet explorer, no menu buttons, homepage, printer icon etc, and an address line. And a password window which comes up when a user tries to change a setting i want unchanged. If anyone knows of such a program which may do it, i will send beer 🙂 cheers,

    ps, an auto reset function would be sensible too, as customers open about a million windows in the task bar during the day and most dont even notice them. Firefox has a close all open windows on no activity after * time and opens a new window with the homepage.  j.b.

  7. Olivier says:


    I have tried a lot of possibilities, in fact if I write :

    start site1

    start site2

    start siteN

    I obtain one window with the siteN (only)

    But if I write :

    start site1


    start site2

    start siteN

    It doesn’t matter. I obtain exactly what I want, that’s to say one window with N tabs.

    I can’t explain this, the only wrong thing is that we have to press a touch for continue…

    Thank you, have a nice day.

  8. Joe Baker says:

    I would appreciate any help on this. After installing IE 7 a couple of days ago, restarting my PC and starting up  internet my ISP homepage (BT.Yahoo) can’t be found because it’s been prefixed with -nohome. I’ve tried a few things – like setting my homepage to ‘about blank’ in internet options but I still have the same issue. I appreciate that for some of you boffins the solution has been clearly defined in previous comments, but I still don’t understand how to fix this. Cheers!

  9. Mark says:

    I have the same problem as Oliver had. It’s very difficult to open a single IE7 window with multi tabs when you use ShellExecute to open different urls. There is no a simple parameter to use for this. I searched by Google. There is a blog advise using JS script to solve it. The link is

    But it is not a very good way. MS should improve it.

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