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One of the things I like a lot about my job is getting to meet and interact with people at conferences.  We sponsor a whole bunch of different conferences throughout the United States and the World; often sponsorship means we get speaking opportunities, and some great direct ways of interacting with you.  But then came along Web Directions North, something completely different, and it really intrigued me.  Web Directions North is one of the first conferences I've ever seen that is actively not allowing sponsors speaking slots, or other direct ways of getting in contact with the customers.  This is about you, this is about an independent web.  Normally I'd look at something like this and pass, just because we don't get any direct interaction with you, sure I may get to meet you at lunch, between sessions and such, but I won't get the ability to stand in front of a room of 500+ people and show off some of the cool features of IE7 and how you can use them on your site.

Web Directions North is the Northern Hemispheres equivalent of Web Directions South, and will cover things like Ajax, Javascript, CSS, Microformat (from the Microformats Guy himself (Tantek Çelik)!), mashups, accessibility, web design and so forth.  It's going to be a pretty packed couple of days.  In fact, the schedule is already up, and I see a few conflicts.

I think having the opportunity to hear John Allsopp, Douglas Bowman, Dan Cederholm, Tantek Çelik, Joe Clark, Andy Clarke, Derek Featherstone, Kelly Goto, Aaron Gustafson, Adrian Holovaty, Molly Holzschlag, Jeremy Keith, Steffen Meschkat, Cameron Moll, George Oates, Veerle Pieters, Craig Saila, Dave Shea, Kaitlin Sherwood, Jared Spool speak just is worth the price of admission alone.  Having that many web luminaries in the same space at the same time is pretty damn fantastic!  I've heard many of these people speak before and they're pretty great.

Save $100 Off Admission to Web Directions North

Speaking of admission, prices for the tickets went up today, but if you use the code "msp-wdn07" on the registration page, it'll save you $100.  If you want to save a little bit more, drop me an email, and I'll hook you up.

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  1. Michael Kumm says:

    They appear to be doing a lot right for this event. I am really looking forward to it. Already registered, wish I could have saved the extra $100… thanks for the offer though.

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