"IE8" and VPC’s

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IE6 / IE7 VPC’s Coming

Just a quick note to say that the IE6 and IE7 VPC images are being updated as we speak, and I suspect the new versions should be online Monday or Tuesday. 


Web Tools Or Tools For Web People

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Beginning Expression Web

I have three copies of Beginning Expression Web by Zak Ruvalcaba to give away.  Heck, I’ll even throw in a copy of Expression Web! First three people to email me with your full name, mailing address and phone number*  get them 🙂 *Microsoft Legal wants me to tell you: One copy per person/mailing address.  I’ll delete your contact…


I’m not going to Click To Activate anymore (soon)

Phew.  I’ve been pretty heads down the last month on a couple of different projects, and one of the biggers ones just went live today!  This morning, I posted an item to the IE blog announcing that we’re removing click to activate from Internet Explorer!  The first “preview” patch will be available in early December,…


UPS Package Tracking In Your IE7 Search Bar

Confession time, I’m an online shopping addict.  Amazon and I get along really well.  Well, Amazon and my bank account don’t get along well, but Amazon and I do.  Along with many other online stores, I tend to do a good bit of shopping online.  This morning, I got a tracking notification for a package…


IE7 Installation Update

It’s crazy to me that I’ve been in this new role for just over a year now, in fact, it’s just about 13 months.  In that time, I’ve seen IE7 ship, taken on new products like Expression Web and Visual Web Developer, met so many fantastic developers and designers and have had the awesome opportunity…


Free Windows Based Hosting

Whew, I’m back from my 17 day cruise in the Mediterranian and while it’s good to be back, I sure missed a lot!  I’m still trying to get things sorted, but in the mean time I figured I’d share this little juicy bit with you. Verio is offering free Windows based hosting for anyone who wants…


IE6 VPC’s Coming Today

It’s 8:30am PST and the VPC’s are in the process of being moved from the staging server to the live servers and I expect them to be up in the next hour or so.  I’ll update this blog post as soon as they’re available!


IE VPC Images

Just a quick note to let everyone know the IE VPC images will be coming VERY shortly.  Since this is the first time I’ve had someone else create them, it’s taken a little longer than I expected it to.   I hope to have the images online sometime tomorrow, and I’ll post once they’re up both…