Live From Redmond: Creating Real World Web Application UI with Master Pages, Themes and Site Navigation

A few days ago, I presented a Live From Redmond: Creating Real World Web Application UI with Master Pages, Themes and Site Navigation in an on demand web cast.  For my first presentation, it went pretty well.  I had never used Live Meeting before, and had only had one Live Meeting "Goofup", where I forgot to shift over to the desktop, instead of the slides.

The presentation went well, but admittedly, there was a lot of information presented, an hour was really way too short to do everything that I wanted to talk about.  In fact, I cut out a good chunk of stuff as I was moving through in order to get through to site navigation and themes in the last few minutes. 

In any event, I had said that I would offer the sample for download after the presentation, and so here it is. You can download it at It's about 6 megs to download but contains everything that I demo'ed in it's completed form, so you can use that as a sample for where you want to go.

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  1. Paggy4u says:

    I have already download this sample and its really awsome.

    It works very very smoothly and i am really impressed with the navigation and presentation of 3 themes.

    Is it possible to supply LIQUID CSS for this. I think many will be using 1024 x 768 so this would be great to develop in this size as Liquid, since it can work smoothly in 800 x 600 also.

    I hope you have understood.


  2. Simone says:

    Sure Pete, but I’ve had no audio for the entire cast and no one even bothered trying to solve the problem. Your response at the end of the webcast was: "Just watch the on-demand" version. Congratulations

  3. Loved your Live Meeting.  I am working on trying to create some websites with in the near future and I really needed this course for help.


    Kenneth Elliott

  4. One question:  Why does visual developer always have a heading that takes up the whole page?

    Kenneth Elliott

  5. simone_b says:

    You’re the first blogger I see who doesn’t publish reader’s comments. Shame.

  6. PeteLe says:

    hi Simone.

    Sorry you feel that I don’t publish readers comments.  I try to stay active on my blog, but sometimes other things come first, and I don’t get a chance to approve comments as quicky as I would like.  

    There was no call in number for the live meeting, and there was little I could do to help you, without stopping the entire presentation for all of the other people involved.  Hopefully the on demand version provided the audio.  

  7. PeteLe says:

    Hi Paggy4u,

    I’m not sure what you mean by a liquid version?


  8. Stuart says:

    Hi Pete,

    I watched you Web cast thought it was great – good job for being a webcast virgin ;o)) – though I would agree there was a lot of info going down in just the space of 1 hour.

    Thank god there is the on demand version!

  9. Michael says:

    Thanks for posting this LiveDemand; I missed the first 20 minutes of the live presentation, but from what I did see, you did a good job over covering a lot of topics in a short period of time. Anybody that takes the time to view this download will learn enough on the step by steps involved with a lot of 2.0 features. Hopefully, they’ll appreciate the solid foundation this video provides enough to dig deeper into 2.0.

    Best regards,


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