Life In Redmond: LFR, BTC-FTC, Registry Cleaning and IE7

Just a few topics today. 🙂  Things here in Redmond have been pretty crazy the last few weeks, but crazy in a great way. 


Have you tried IE7 yet?  If not, I gotta say, it's pretty damn good.  In fact, I'm writing this post within IE7 Beta3, and it's been great to me so far.  I haven't come across any sites yet that are displaying badly, so I'm going to consider that a good sign.  Sure, it's adding some features that other browers have had for a while, but after 5 years, this is a great start, and I'm excited to see where things go next.  I'm a huge believer in tabs, and the new layout is pretty slick.  And for us web developers/designers, there are a lot of good things.  For example, the problem with the XML prolog and having the DOCTYPE bug, it's fixed.  You can now have your site both Strict and XHTML compliant!  Thats a big (and great change).

Registry Cleaning

A few weeks ago I posted about people having problems creating web applications in VS2005 after doing a registry cleaning. I've been working with the folks at Registry Mechanic, and they've been great, we've got a fix, so now I hope that they get it rolled out to their customers quickly.  Special thanks to Steven James over there who's been working directly with me on this.

By The Community, For The Community

We've closed the first vote, and Mitch Denny has started working on the first sample, an Event Organization Site.  We've also added a place for you to submit your ideas for samples that you want to see built.  While there have only been 6 suggestions so far, I'm really excited about all of them and want to see all of them get written.  But the choice is up to you what the MVP's write.  If you haven't voted already for this weeks topic, go vote! 

Live From Redmond!

I'm really excited to announce (well, I guess SimonMu announced it first) that I'm going to be doing a Live From Redmond webcast.  If you're looking for more info about creating web applications that look good, using Master Page, CSS and so forth, then this is for you!  It should be a tonne of fun!  To find out more, or to register for the web cast, check out this link.


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  1. ……Problem I ran into…..

    I had the development tool bar installed before I updated to bata 3.

    Lets just say IE7 B3 did’nt work AT ALL, I thought I was done for!!!

    ….. After hours of not knowing why it did not work ……..

    I realized! duh I had the dev toolbar installed. Uninstalled it and i have to say IE7 B3 is greatness!!!!!!!

    I dont know if anyone is even gonna read this or if its not a good place for a tip thought I would get the word out. I know its a logical thing but yeah ahhh if it saves one person 2-3 hours I will be happy!!!

  2. Andrew says:


    Someone else who likes IE7.  Everywhere I look the comments are bad, but personally I think it is fantastic.  Started using Firefox at the same time as IE7 B2 and IE7 is far better IMHO.

    Beta 2 had some problem with some pages, but 3 seems great.

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