More Free Money With Express

As a follow on to one of my last posts, I found this kind of cool thing.  If you're using Express do to do neat stuff, check this out!  If you submit your story on how you're using Express, and they use you in a feature article, they'll give you a $100 gift certificate.

Sure, like the last one, this isn't really meant to make you major money, nor are you super likely to win, but, if you are doing something cool in your spare time with this stuff, why not tell us about it, it could net you $$$.  I like these contests not because it's going to get you to start a new project, but it gets you an opportunity to advertise your project, and if you're going to work on it anyways, why not take the chance to win the money! 

I'd do it if I were eligible!

Tell Us Your Express Story and Win $100!

We're looking for heroes!

Want a chance to show off a cool way you’re using Visual Studio Express or SQL Server Express?  We’re looking for your stories!  Tell us about something that makes your life easier or is just plain fun and if we like it enough to include in a feature article, we’ll give you a $100 gift certificate to! 

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  1. mabster says:

    Thanks for the tip, Pete! I submitted a story about my project, Comicster.

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