Mix06: Do you like the XBOX360?

Sadly, today was the last day of Mix06, and things started winding down this morning.  I think the coolest thing I saw this afternoon though, was when the Channel 9 team (or was it ten) came by the XBox station that I was manning and asked if they could interview the couple of guys who were still there playing.  Now remember, this is the end of the conference, most people have left, and instead of the 12-15 people that were normally congregated around the xbox, there were only two.

The interview went kind of like this:
Interviewer: Did you like the conference?
Gamer: Yeah, it was really cool...
I: How about the 360 lounges?
G: They rocked, it was a great place to go and wind down for a few minutes...
I: Do you have a 360 at home?
G: No...
I: Do you want this one?
Face of gamer lights up!

Yep!  They gave away the three XBoxes that were at Mix06!!  Crazy!  These guys were really happy, and one, I guess not much of a Microsoft fan said he never imagined how much he'd come to like the some of the stuff we're doing, and that he was getting an XBOX!

Congrats to those three!

Comments (2)

  1. egyamado says:

    That’s crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    giving XBox away for people FREE.!!! I can’t belive that..

    you know what I’m dreaming to have one more than anything else…, I didn’t have chance to come MIX06…

    Do you still have one left for me… 😉

    it will be great…

    here’s my mail( ahmedfay@hotmail.com )

    I’m follwing what happend in MIX06, it’s realy great event, and hope to attend to the next event with Microsoft…

    Thanks Microsoft and you too

    have a nice time…

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