Mix06: Mashups, Origami, MCE, Tao

We're about 1/2 of the way through day 2 here, and there is still some great stuff happening here.  If you didn't hear, yesterday, we announced a Go Live license for Atlas!  This freakin' rocks!  I'm really looking forward to starting to play with it more!


After sitting through some of the keynotes and other sessions yesterday, I got an idea for a mash up that I want to play with.  If you've noticed, I love photography.  I use my own web server to serve my images and put all my stuff online there.  But the problem is that it's not very accessible on the big websites, for example, if I tag something, it isn't getting picked up very well.  So, I want to create a new front face for flickr.  I've created my account, and have started looking at the API's taht are available to me.  Ch-Ching!  I'm going to be able to get somthign cool going pretty easily it looks like. 


There's an Orgami device here, and I got to play with it earlier today.  All hype aside, the sucker is pretty cool.  they had a very different versions there and available to play with and yes I want one.  Sure the device is small, but its very usable, and is going to be great for home, or bus or other small scale stuff.  Sure, I can't do web development or other development on it, but I can do a whole heck of a lot of cool stuff.


They did the MCE keynote this morning, and it was pretty slick.  If you've read my blog, you know I use a Mac at home, and have a Tivo.  Seeing some of the Vista demos, the Origami, and other such things, as soon as Vista ships, I'm dropping both my mac and my Tivo.  Media Center is pretty damn slick.  The Vista version is really nice, an updated UI, support for HiDef, high end sound and all sorts of other things.  Sure, today I get basic cable, but to be able to get HiDef offline, and my basic cable, is pretty great.  I also figured out how to stream XM Radio and NPR radio on to the media center right in Media Center.  I know you can do that on a basic computer, but this is streaming it right in to MCE, which is pretty slick!


Last night was the attendee party.  I normally like these parties a lot, but last nights wasn't all that great.  Sure, the free alcohol helped, but think the stereo typical dark club, and thats where we were.  It was to dark to really find anyone, and too loud to really talk to anyone.   A few of us ended up going out for dinner instead and had a good opportunity to talk about some of the upcoming challenges that we're going to see and have to deal with.

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