Mix06: I’m Here!

It's a little after midnight on Friday night and I've made it to Vegas, along with several thousand other folks.  Appearantly, its a bit of a weird night here, I had to wait in line for over an hour for a taxi.  The line up was really similar to what you'd find at an amusement park, big, long snaking line, at least 4 times wrapped around itself.  But who cares I'm in Vegas!

The show starts for us on Sunday with the kick offs and staff trainings.  There are over 1300+ people coming, and we've MAXED out!  Thats such a huge success for a conference that didn't exist 6 months ago!  Almost 50% of the speakers are non-MSFT people.  For an official MS conference, thats pretty crazy!  We usually don't have that many non-MSFT people presenting.  But this is going to be a  great opportunity to see what other companies are doing and how they're using our technologies today, and how other companies can do the same.

I was at one of the dry runs for the presentations on Wednesday evening, and WOW.  I'd like to use a few additional words to describe it, but holy poop!  Nikhil did his dry run for his Atlas demo.  I thought Atlas/Ajax were neat, and that they did some cool UI type stuff, but wait until you see some of things that he is doing, this is going well beyond UI and "fun" stuff, this is going to seriously change the way we use the internet.  Aggregration will never be the same.

I'll try to post daily while I'm down here if not more!  If you're down, please stop by and say hello!  I'm going to be in one of the Media Center/XBox360 booths Monday 12pm to 3pm, and then likely again through out the week!  Come find me and say hello!

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