bug bashes

We've just started scratching the surface on Orcas on our team.  We're currently in the middle of a bugbash playing with the new designer surface in Orcas.  There are days when I love my job, and today is certainly one of them.  I spent my morning helping out on the MSDN Forums, making sure we get your questions answered, but then I started into the bug bash.

My standard bug bash procedures.

  1. Start high energy & high beat dance music (current listening to Masterbeat Fusion.3)

  2. Consume 1 can RedBull ("it gives you wings")

  3. Bash Product

  4. Repeat

I'm only at 1 can of RedBull so far, I'll probably grab another one here in a minute or two, and start bashing again.  So far I'm the top bug finder, at just about 20 bugs.  Danny and I have this thing going to beat our lead.  He's only filed 18 and has left for the day, so I figure he's going down.  But I think I can double my numbers before the day is out!

We don't get to do this too often, but when we do, and the product is in the state it's in, it is a lot of fun!  A lot of the bugs we're looking for right now are so that we can get our automation working again.  There are quite a number that are blocking our automation, thus we can't really get many of our tests working, and this bash is meant to fix that. 

Well, back to the bash! 🙂

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