Ottawa Launch Event Pictures

I just posted the Ottawa launch event pictures on my website.  I shot film using a Holga, a first for me.  I usually shoot film using a Hasselblad, but this event I wanted to do something a little different, thus, we have this!


The Migration QA Folk Dress Up

For some reason, the two people on my team who are mostly responsible for migration both dressed up today.  I only had my camera phone with me, so I figured I’d post that picture…


RSS Reader Recomendations?

I’m looking for an RSS reader for the PC that will allow me to have different categories for different RSS feeds.  So for example, I can group all the technology ones together, all of the ASP.NET stuff together and so forth.  I’d prefer it not integrate with Outlook, but if thats what the best option…


Answers To Common Launch Event Questions – Back In Seattle

Wow, well, I’m back in Seattle and sitting at my desk here in Redmond today, and I’m stoked.  The fact that VS 2005 is in your hands now is fantastic.  I’m really excited to see and hear the feedback from everyone out there and how excited everyone is.  We’ve had over 82,000 downloads for Visual…


Ready To Rock! Launch Event In Ottawa

I just heard the Dev track here in Ottawa is so full that people are sitting on the floor!  There are so many people who want to see the Dev Track presentations that they are actually having to turn people away at the door now!  That’s how exciting these launch events are!  I said yesterday…


Toronto – A Success; See You In Ottawa!

What a fantastic day!  I’m back in my hotel after a pretty long, but very good day.  Up this morning at the crack of dawn and over to the Toronto Congress Centre for the VS 2005, SQL 2005 and BizTalk launch events.  This was the first of a 10 city Canadian launch tour, and it…


VS Launch Tomorrow in Canada!

As I was getting ready this morning, I realized something kind of cool, and at the same time, a little scary. The last launch event I was at, I was in my teens, just finishing up high school, and working for Microosft as a high school intern. It was the Windows 95 launch at the…


Removing Spam Comments from nGallery

Well, I guess one advantage of getting popular is that people seem to like to put spam on your website.  I had a commenting enabled on my nGallery web pages, allowing my friends to comment on pictures that I had posted. I noticed this afternoon though that a bunch of people had decided to post lots…


Styling Links – Making the Mundane Somewhat More Interesting

It’s been a while since I’ve done a CSS style post, so I figure its about time, and today I want to touch on something pretty simple, the <a> anchor tag.  Most anchors are pretty boring, some blue text that is simply underlined.  Some people go a bit beyond and make it change colours when…


T-7 Days: The First Of The Canadian Launch Events

I’m super excited to announce I’ll be attending 3 of the Canadian Launch events!  Toronto – November 8th  Ottawa – November 10th Vancouver – November 22nd These are going to be great opportunities to see what is up and coming from Visual Studio 2005, Visual Web Developer, SQL 2005 and BizTalk.  At all the launch…