Too Many Domains

Ugh,  I think I just realized I have too many domains.  And I'm most of them in some way at least!

I just merged 3 accounts that I had at GoDaddy into one, since I really don't need 3 account.  No if only they would register .CA domains, I'd be all set, but in the mean time, I'll keep the 2 .CA's at my .CA registrar.

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  1. Tobin Titus says:

    I own 21 domains right now, and thats after deciding to let about 15 go this year that I no longer could see myself using. I wont list them all, but I totally understand what you are saying. Thanks to go-daddy’s low price, I was able to register a ton of domains I wouldn’t normally get. And that’s the catch I guess. You keep renewing domains you’ll never use and they make money no matter what.

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