Tracking Mysterious Bugs

The new MSDN feedback system has been a great thing for connecting our team with our user and finding some great bugs that we haven't found yet, or maybe wouldn't have found.  But there is one class of bugs that usually drive me (and I file them too) a bit batty.  They're the not repro bugs.  You KNOW when you file a bug that something wasn't working right.  You think you get the repro steps all down and you're good to go.  You file the bug, and a few days later, it comes back from the dev as not repro.  You try again, and bamo, not repro for you either.  You know the bug happened. You saw it not work.  What the hell happened.

Lately, we've been getting a number of MSDN feedback bugs about the designer closing the file that you're working on after renaming a control.  I've seen 4 or 5 of them filed.  If it had been one maybe two, I'd think either user error or install problem, but at this point, the hairs on the back of my neck are up.  And I can't get a repro to work on any of my installs. I've tried VSTS, I've tried Express, and it just won't happen.

If you've seen this, please either file a bug with the MSDN feedback, or contact me directly.  I really want to track this sucker down!

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  1. Mike says:

    This happened to me two times. The problem is that I saw the bugs in Beta 2 but the testing is done on newer builds which may or may not have the bugs. It would be nice to have a way to avoid this but I have no idea how this could be done. Maybe set up a Terminal Server with the newest builds and let us try the bugs… 🙂 (probably difficult to do)

  2. I just filed a bug with MSDN on this along with a sample project. The closing happens consistantly every single time despite opening and closing Visual Studio.

    Here’s an oddity about the bug that I just discovered and didn’t put in the bug report:

    If I right click on the file and select View Markup and then go to the designer view then I can rename without problems.

    If I right click and select View Designer and rename then the editing window closes.

    Repeating these two actions eventually crashes visual studio.

    E-mail me if you want more information on this problem.

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