TechEd: Day 2 (sorta)

Yay for the second day of being down in Orlando for TechEd. I love the fact that its also gay days!! I ended up meeting up with Mike (from last night) and his partner Heath today. We sat around the pool for a while, and just relax, it was quite nice.

Around 3pm, we headed over to SeaWorld, and had a blast! Just as we got there it started to pour, and I mean POUR. I was wearing a white t-shirt, and after only about 15 minutes, it was completely translucent. SeaWorld was pretty quiet, but we managed to do the splash ride, see Shamu, get SOAKED by Shamu, just as we were finally getting dry too. And then ride the big rollercoaster a few times. It was a tonne of fun.

I know better, I should have put sunscreen on, but being silly, I thought, its cloudy, we're heading to SeaWorld, I'll have clothes on, I don't need sunscreen. Well, sure enough, the soaked T, I now have completly lobster red shoulders and a back, its pretty bad. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

I booted out of there around 6pm and headed over to the TechEd meeting. This was my first official TechEd meeting, and there was some useful info there, but took a bit longer than it should. I'm really looking forward to meeting my users tomorrow. I'm a little nervous that some of you will know more than me, but I guess I'll deal. Mostly because I test the design view, and Smart Tasks and most of the user interface stuff. I'm worried I'm going to get hit with control or coding questions. Don't get my wrong, I can answer many of them, but I'm sure that there are many I won't be able to answer.

See you all tomorrow!

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