Giving full trust (revised)

Newer version of caspol.exe expects a more precise URL specification. Here is the revised caspol.exe command to give full trust to a network share //MyDevBox/MyTools: caspol.exe  -m  -ag 1.2  -url file://\\MyDevBox\MyTools Note the adding of “\\” and the switching of the “/” to “\” in the URL. -Tan


Giving full trust to a network share

I work on multiple machines and, very often, I need access to my tool sets on each machine that I work on. This is accomplished by sharing out my tools folder/drive and restrict full permissions to myself. There is a little wrinkle. Network shares by default only get LocalIntranet permissions and that may not be…


Determine the last synced version for a folder in TFS

Have you ever need to find the last synced version of a folder in TFS? Here is a quick way: Change directory to YourFolder tf  history  .  /r  /version:W  /stopafter:1  /i Note the “.” (current directory). This command recursively lists the history for the YourFolder but stops after the first output entry which is the…


Diagnosing side-by-side problems on Vista

There have been times where a program failed to load due to missing dependencies or side-by-side inconsistencies. One of the tool available on Windows Vista is “sxstrace.exe” (normally located in \Windows\System32). sxstrace.exe can help you pin-point which dependent assembly is expected and is not found. Use sxstrace.exe /? to get the full options. Example usage: Before running…


How to share VS Macro Projects

One way to share VS Macro projects is to add the projects to source control and have all users mapped the versioned macro projects to a local folder to be used by VS. Here is a rough outline (an except from one of my forum post) on how you can accomplish this goal. You can do this using a combination…


Sorting the work items in the Pending Changes window

The work item channels displays the work items in the order specified by the selected query. This means that you can control the sort order by modifying the query’s sort preferences. You can do this from Team Explorer, expand Work Items to your query, activate context menu and select View Query, and then click the Column Options button…


WPF Equivalent for WinForms Ampersand (&) to Prefix Access/Accelerator Character

WPF uses an underscore character instead of the ampersand character (like with WinForms) to prefix an access (a.k.a. accelerator or mnemonic) key in the text of its elements like Label and Button. You can escape the underscore by using two underscores. The underscore replaces the ampersand because, in XAML, ampersands can easily lead to mistakes and cause problems. -Tan