Getting a list of TFS files that are different since some date

Have you ever come across a need to find out which TFS version control files that are different since some date or some changeset? In VS2008 + VSTF 2008 (Orcas), there is an easy way using Folder Difference. Let take a look at the following command.

tf folderdiff $/TP/myfolder;C1234 $/TP/myfolder /r /view:different /noprompt


This command compares all files under $/TP/myfolder at version C1234 to the latest version and then output the files that are different to the console window. You can remove the /noprompt to get a UI from which you can also copy/paste the file list to Excel.

Instead of a changeset specification Cnnnn, you can specify a date like Dyyyy/mm/dd.

In addition to /view:different, you can try /view:different,sourceonly,target to also list the files that only exist in the source or the target folders.

The Folder Difference is also available from Visual Studio's Source Control Explorer toolbar and context menu.



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