AutoLayout by Examples – Part 3 – Dialog 7

Dialog 7: Dialog containing two splitter-separated side-by-side lists


Project Name: SideBySideListsVerticalSplitter.csproj. Download source.



  • Two side-by-side lists separated by a splitter
  • Fully collapsible left panel (i.e. the tree view)


Screen Shots:





Designer Layout:


Document Outline:


Key Notes:

  • Hiding and showing the tree view is accomplished by toggling the Panel1Collapsed property of the split container. Download source.


        private void ToggleTreeVisibility()




            splitContainer.Panel1Collapsed = !splitContainer.Panel1Collapsed;

            buttonShow.Enabled = splitContainer.Panel1Collapsed;

            buttonHide.Enabled = !splitContainer.Panel1Collapsed;







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