Time Intelligence Differences between Grids and Scorecards

Time intelligence (TI) is one of the great features of PerformancePoint, but it has always taken users time to understand and implement. And we have received more than a few discussion list posts and customer inquiries when things don’t add up — literally. Today, I wanted to draw your attention to a small case in point. One…

How to use Time Intelligence Filters with Excel Services or how to pass a range selection into your Excel Report

PerformancePoint Dashboards have a set of filters that allow both PerformancePoint content and other content to connect and interact with each other. I wanted to talk a little bit more about the Time Intelligence Filter and how you can use this to get range based queries in Excel. What is the Time Intelligence Filter? The…


Using MOSS Text filter linked to Scorecard to dynamically pass TI formula

Time Intelligence (TI) Filters in PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint provides filtering on data-time values with respect to the current date-time. The limitation, however, is that the formulae need to be defined before the dashboard is published. This article explains how users can have ability to dynamically evaluate any formula after the dashboard is published on…


Time Intelligence Formula Quick Reference

Time Intelligence Formula (TI Formula) allows time periods, sets of time periods and ranges to be specified using a simple, easy to understand syntax. Formula Structure  [(]<Period>[<Offset>[)][.<Function>[<Offset>]]]   Quick Samples The following are typical scenarios with their corresponding formula and results: To Get… Formula Result Yesterday day-1 The previous day relative to the current date….


Configuring Data Source Time Settings for Time Intelligence

Setting the time properties in our Data Sources lays the groundwork for Time Intelligence. Essentially, this is where we align our data sources’ understanding of time, and our understanding of time. In this post, we will discuss how to set these time properties for Analysis Services data sources as well as tabular data sources, while…