You Can Use SQL Server "Denali" PowerPivot Models as PerformancePoint 2010 Data Sources

Since SQL Server Denali hit the public download space, several people have tried using it to create PowerPivot models as data sources for PerformancePoint 2010. And why shouldn’t they? PerformancePoint works just fine in the scenario where you specify the reference to a PowerPivot model in the data source connection string for an Analysis Services data source….

Fast Prototyping with PowerPivot

Today’s “better together” post is by Poornima Hanumara, a program manager on the Office BI team. Thank you Poornima, and to our readers, have a great week! I want to quickly prototype a new dashboard to keep track of the products in my sporting goods store. PowerPivot is a great tool to create a data…


Everything you need to know about PerformancePoint Services 2010

It’s been quite a while since the PerformancePoint Blog has been updated. We’ve taken a look at what we’ve done with the blog so far, and what we’d like to do going forward. Starting with this month, May 2011, you will be able to expect a new, stronger heartbeat of content being published. Each month,…