Finding the Latest PerformancePoint 2010 Services Updates

Sometimes it's difficult to find the latest updates for SharePoint 2010 and for PerformancePoint Services, specifically. The easiest way to see these latest updates is to visit the Microsoft Office Update Center or subscribe to the Updates for Microsoft Office and Related Products RSS feed.
You can visit any of the individual cumulative update pages as a way to access different update types. For example, as of this writing, there is an October Cumulative Update, KB 2618119. Visit this page and scroll down until you hit the "Individual Server Updates" section, where you can find any updates for PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint Server 2010. Click on KB 2596590, which brings you to the latest hotfix, or cumulative update, for PerformancePoint Services.
The Cumulative Update for October for PerformancePoint included the following:
"This hotfix package contains several fixes that enable PerformancePoint Dashboard on Apple iPad devices. These fixes include several HTML and CSS changes to accommodate inconsistencies in the way that Apple Safari displays dashboards on iPad devices."
I hope this helps.
Josh Unger | Test | Office BI

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