Better together: PerformancePoint Services and other Microsoft products

This month on the PerformancePoint Services blog we'll focus on techniques involving other Microsoft products. For example,


Got Project? When you create a Project Web App in SharePoint Server, you automatically get a Business Intelligence Center. If PerformancePoint Services is configured, you can use Dashboard Designer to create project management dashboards.


Have a great dashboard idea? Want to prototype it?
Did you know that PowerPivot models can be used with PerformancePoint Services? You can get started with all the PerformancePoint Services features using a self-service model. Also, as we’ve seen recently on BizIntelligence.TV, PowerPivot can source data from your calendar and Twitter, so understanding how to connect the two is a good starting point for other dashboard-building adventures.


If you'd like to hear about something specifically, or have any great "better together" tips to offer, please let us know in this post's comments. Thanks, and have a great month!


Wade Dorrell

Program Manager, Office

Comments (2)

  1. Victor Shamanovsky says:

    Really enjoying the Twitter analytics tool.

    Wonder if something similar can be created to go against bing/google search results.

    No time to create if myself, are you guys up for that?


  2. Wade Dorrell says:

    Thanks for the comment Victor. I'll see if I can find an expert on these. I did something like this with PerformancePoint 2007, but I think there's a cleaner way to integrate now. Search query performance/optimization using data from Bing Webmaster could be interesting to take a look at as well.

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