New Authentication Options for Data Sources

PerformancePoint 2010 has some new settings that control how authentication to the data source itself is accomplished. You’ll find these options under the “Editor” tab for an individual data source:

unattend account

If you were web administrator of a PerformancePoint 2007  instance you might recall a similar set of options provided by the Bpm.ServerConnectionPerUser and BPM.UseASCustomData web.config properties. With the above change:

  1. the options are configurable per-datasource, instead of per-webapp
  2. no web.config juggling is required
  3. there are no longer equivalent options in web.config

Please note that “Unattended Service Account” is separate from application pool identity. Unattended Service Account is a PerformancePoint service application setting.

Wade Dorrell
Program Manager, SharePoint BI

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