Business Intelligence is HOT at SharePoint Conference 2009

IMG_1882 If this morning’s Dashboards as Easy as 1,2,3 is any indication, Business Intelligence and specifically PerformancePoint Services is high on the radar at the SharePoint Conference. After a quick poll, the audience indicated that very few of the over 1,000 in attendance were using PerformancePoint Server 2007. That means we had a huge crowd of new users interested in getting to know PerformancePoint Services.

After I went through a quick usage and build scenario, Wade Dorrell walked through a deeper dive of the end-user features of PerformancePoint Services. It was a great session but do not be fooled, Scott Heimendinger and Steve Handy have a ton more to show you at tomorrow’s Advanced Dashboard Design session. If you liked what you saw today, that’s a can’t miss.

If you were interested in providing these features to your end users, make sure to catch Josh Zimmerman’s Configuring PerformancePoint Services: An Administrator’s Guide to Delivering SharePoint Dashboards session.

Lastly, we had a lot of people asking about upgrading, check your session guide, we have a session dedicated to upgrading PerformancePoint Server 2007 content to PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint 2010.

Thank you for the fantastic attendance, the product team and I will be here the rest of the week and hope to see you at the product booth! Don’t forget, the top three scores in BI Racer win Windows 7 copies each day.

Jason Burns
Program Manager, PerformancePoint Services

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