PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning Data Migration Tool

There are two primary steps to a Migration in V1, with many tedious "sub-steps". 

The First step in the process is to Migrate the Application, this part of the process migrates:

  • Security roles
  • Structural metadata: all model site, model, dimension, and member set definitions
  • Data Sources and Data Destinations
  • Calculation rules and any associated job templates
  • Form templates
  • Calendar

The Second, (more tedious), step is to Migrate the Data, which accomplishes migrating the following:

  • Dimension and hierarchy data
  • Fact data and annotations
  • Associations

The "PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning Data Migration Tool" automates the Second set of steps, the "Data Migration" portion.  The full manual process, (which requires the user to have intricate knowledge of the application), is documented in the TechNet Documentation located here:

  1. Preparing the Staging DB on the Source Server:
  2. Loading the Migrated Application on the Target Server:

There are numerous steps in each of the above two sections which need to be followed extremely carefully in order for the Data to be properly migrated into the Target Application.

The "PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning Data Migration Tool" fully automates each of these two steps. 

Note that the Application Migration, as well as the Backup \ Restore of the Staging DB from Source to Target are still manual procedures.  Please refer to the above documentation to fully understand all the steps involved.

Note:  The following will NOT migrate in V1

  • Reports
  • Workflow: assignments, job, cycle definition and instances
  • Users and their security role assignments

Comments (1)

  1. daman.badesha says:

    Is there any tool for point 1 above.

    I’m trying to migrate my application to test environment. And, I’d like to move my metadata (models/dimensions), instead of creating those from scratch. I don’t want to move any data in different application databases.

    I checked technet articles, but it gives cumbersome and too many steps. Is there any documentation available to move application from one environment to another?



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