Integration with Planning: Formatting Scenario Dimension Members in SSAS 2005

When working with data from your PerformancePoint Planning models in the Monitoring server, you may encounter issues with the formatting of your scenario dimension members Actual, Budget, Plan, etc.  The numbers will come across as the raw values in the cube, thus, showing unformatted values when viewing them in analytic grids.  Currently, there is not a way to format these metrics within the Planning Business Modeler, however, one option that you do have is to apply the formats in SSAS after you have deployed the model. You can add format expressions in the cube script once the model has been deployed.  Keep in mind that if you redeploy your model you may need to re-add these format expressions in your cube script - it would be worthwhile to copy this script off to a safe location so you can cut and paste it in whenever needed.

1. Open the model (cube) in SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio.

2. Double-click on the cube in order to load it into the workspace.

3. Click the Calculations tab to pull up the cube calculations.

4. Select the script view button to view the calculations as script.


5. Add script at the bottom of the existing script to format the members of the scenario dimension.  The script will include a scope and format_string statement for each member in the scenario dimension that you want to have formatted. For example:


In the above example, the Actual/ABP Variance (%) scenario dimension member will be formatted as a percent always containing 2 precision digits with a physical % included at the end.  Actual and Current Month Actual will be formatted as currencies with a $ in front.

Applying these formats will enable much easier navigation of your models in the analytic grids in PerformancePoint Monitoring server.

Alyson Powell Erwin

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