Displaying Indicator Count in your Scorecards by Default when Published

When first viewing your published scorecards you may want your users to see a fully collapsed scorecard with the indicator counts in the heading rather than the expanded KPI list and an aggregated value in the headings.  To do this follow the below steps:

1. In Dashboard Designer, collapse the scorecard so all you see is the "Rollup" rows.  Example:


2. Click the "Target" column header, then click the "Properties" button in the "Edit" toolbar:


3. In the window that comes up, Change the "Score rollup type" to "Indicator Count".


4. Publish your scorecard to the server.  You should now see this by default:


Here's what it looks like when expanded:


Tim Morgan (Microsoft)

Comments (1)

  1. Stanislav Chaloupecky says:

    Hi, this is exactly what I need to achieve but in PerformancePoint 2010, i.e. in DashboardDesigner 2010. I need to set default scorecard view to collapsed view with "worst indicator rollup".

    Do you have any idea? There is only Settings button available in DashboardDesigner 2010 and it provides different options.

    Thank you.

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