Monitoring Server Connectivity Document

Monitoring Server is part of Microsoft® Office PerformancePointTM Server 2007. This white paper is for PerformancePoint Server administrators and IT professionals who want guidance about how Monitoring Server components authenticate and connect to each other and data sources used to create and render reports. This guidance includes a description of the default configuration and identification of steps required to modify the default configuration to implement per user authentication.


Steve Pontello (Microsoft)

Comments (5)

  1. When I installed PerformancePoint Monitoring, I got stuck because I couldn’t figure out why I was not

  2. BI Paul says:

    We have been trying to install the Dashboard Viewer web part in a distributed manner to our Sharepoint Server/Site. From what we can tell we have all of the pre-requites met, are using the appropriate admin accounts for the installation, but we keep getting the following error.

    "Configuration failed.

    Error 1: This solution contains no resources scoped for a Web application and cannot be deployed to a particular Web application"

    Does anyone know what is going on?

  3. xset says:

    I am tired trying to find out answers:

    1) Why PP shows short titles like PerformancePoint[1], PerformancePoint[2], etc. instead of web parts and one need to press CTRL+F5 to make web parts visible?

    2) Why Dashboard filters work only when connected to AS server using integrated security, but don’t run queries at all when SSPI=anonymous in connection string ?

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