Drilling Down in a Scorecard

You may notice that when you add dimension data from a cube into a scorecard, that the scorecard does not keep the cube's hierarchy (doesn't allow you to drill down) by default.

At this time, you have to add the hierarchy information manually to the scorecard.


To work around this, there are a couple things you need to do:

1. After you add all the members to the scorecard, you have to manually recreate the hierarchy, by choosing "Decrease Level" from the ribbon.

2. Also, make sure your KPI is set to "Source Data" for its calculation type. Otherwise the top value (Sales Amt) will not show up.

3. When you are done, click "Update" to load the data from Analysis Services.

Greg Bernhardt (gregbern@microsoft.com)

Comments (9)

  1. Supratim.Biswas says:

    Thank Greg. It helped me some what. But i have a doubt.Suppose i am using adventure work Dw, there we have a large number of customers. If i want to drill down up to leaf level, ie customer name starting from Country, It is a real big job to enlist 18484 no of customers. Is there any smarter way to do that? Because in real life situation you may have much more number of clients.

  2. pwhygle says:

    How would (or can) you do the same thing if your datasource is an Excel Spreadsheet?

  3. pwhygle says:

    Sorry about my comment above, I meant to post it on your other blog.  🙂

  4. talaBI says:

    Hi Greg,

    I would appreciate an answer to the above question.

    I would like to drag an hierarchy and use all of its attributes as scorecard item for the KPI.

    The Finance demo in the VPC shows it as if out-of-the-box.

    Thanks, Tal

  5. J0EE says:

    Has anyone found an automated method for this?  Supratim.Biswas and I have the same concern for large dimensions.

  6. MR.N8 says:

    I hope the capability to automatically add large dimensions with their hierarchies will be added to an upcoming release. Unless there is a Hotfix or Service Pack that addresses this!

    I’m seconding Supratim and J0EE on this request. 🙂 It is PAINSTAKING to have to do this for EACH level and ALL of the members of a given hierarchy.

    Any ideas on when this will be available?


  7. MSDN Archive says:

    We are not publically disclosing information on future releases at this time but should be ready to talk more about our plans in a few months.  



  8. Many months have passed since the last commment on this blog entry. I’m wondering if you are going to continue development on the tool, and if so, will you provide a method to resolve the hierarchy issue discussed in this blog entry?

    Also, where can I submit other enhancement requests?



  9. MSDN Archive says:

    Sorry for the delay, we are still not yet publically disclosing the feature set for the next version yet.  My apologies for the delay.  Additional feature suggestions can be sent to me as well.  (alysonp@microsoft.com)



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